New Report Presents Vision for Disadvantaged Communities

A new report released this week presents recommendations formed during a three-day workshop convened in December 2014 that included representatives of the DWR, the State Water Resources Control Board and from seven regional IRWM disadvantaged community grant projects funded by Propositions 50 and 84. Following more than three years of grant project work at the local and regional levels, attendees shared lessons learned and distilled recommendations from the workshop covering the following topics: Disadvantaged Community Identification, Coordination, Agency Alignment, Capacity Building and Technical Assistance, Education, Disproportionate Impacts, Governance and Representation, and Funding. Thee inter-related recommendations seek to “present a vision for a more effective, equitable and accessible means of meeting the water needs of disadvantaged communities” throughout the state of California.

Read the full report here.

For more information on disadvantaged community wastewater and drinking water needs within and surrounding the Kings Basin region, please see this page.