Proposition 1 IRWM Grant Solicitation

LAST UPDATED 11/29/2018

Proposition 1 (Water Code § 79744) authorized $510 million in IRWM grant funds to the 12 hydrologic region-based Funding Areas for the purposes of IRWM. Of the $510 million, $34 million is allocated to the Tulare-Kern Funding Area. The Kings Basin Water Authority (KBWA) is one of seven IRWM Groups in the Tulare-Kern Funding Area. The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) will administer three separate grant programs for the IRWM regions.

  1. Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program – Water Code §79745 directs not less than $51 million, for the purpose of ensuring the involvement of disadvantaged communities (DAC), economically distressed areas (EDA), and underrepresented communities within IRWM regions. These funds will be awarded on non-competitive basis or direct expenditures.
    • $3.4 million was allocated to the Tulare-Kern Funding Area. The County of Tulare submitted a proposal for the DAC Involvement Grant Program on behalf of the Tulare-Kern Funding Area to DWR in early April 2017. A Grant Agreement was executed by DWR in February 2018. The KBWA continues to work collaboratively with county representatives, IRWM representatives, DAC representatives and NGOs in the Tulare-Kern Funding Area to implement the DAC Involvement Grant. 
  2. Planning Grant Program – Up to $5 million will be awarded through a competitive process to support the development of new IRWM Plans or to update an existing IRWM Plan.
    • A grant application to update the KBWA’s IRWM Plan was submitted in September 2016. The DWR released final award recommendations on February 2, 2017 and the KBWA was recommended for $202,817 in grant funding. The total cost for the KBWA IRWM Plan update is $256,052 with the KBWA contributing $53,235 in local cost share. In conjunction with the KBWA IRWM Plan update, the KBWA is developing a Storm Water Resources Plan for the KBWA IRWM region (the Plan will exclude areas covered by the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District’s functionally equivalent Storm Water Resource Plan and County of Tulare’s Cottonwood Creek Storm Water Resource Plan).  
  3. Implementation Grant Program – Approximately $418.3 million will be awarded for Implementation programs and projects, of which not less than $51 million will be allocated to projects that directly benefit DACs (Water Code §79742(d)). The IRWM Implementation Grant Program will have two rounds of funding. Round 1 will have approximately $185 million for Implementation Projects and approximately $15 million for DAC Projects. Round 2 will have approximately $182.3 million for Implementation Projects and approximately $36 million for DAC Projects.
    • The schedule for Round 1 IRWM Implementation Grant Program Proposal Solicitation Process is as follows (schedule is subject to change): 
      • October 5 – December 14, 2018 – Public Comment Period for the 2018 Draft PSP and Draft Guidelines
      • November 2018 – Three Public Meetings (Northern, Central, and Southern California)
      • Early 2019 – DWR Releases Final PSP
      • February 2019 – July 2019 – Funding Area Pre-Application Workshops (Dates TBD by funding area)
      • First application anticipated April 2019 – Round 1 Grant Applications due to DWR
      • 2019 – Round 1 Grant Awards
      • 2020 – Round 2 Grant Solicitation Process Begins

Solicitation announcements will be posted to this page following any announcements made by DWR to their IRWM webpage:

For more information regarding IRWM grant opportunities, please contact Soua Lee at 559.237.5567.