Prop 1 IRWM Disadvantaged Community Involvement Grant Program

Request for Public Participation

The Kings Basin Water Authority invites stakeholders and interested parties to complete a survey that will help improve our understanding of disadvantaged communities (DAC) and their knowledge of integrated regional water management planning (IRWM), participation barriers and/or interest in participating in IRWM related activities. Information collected through this survey will be compiled into a report by Self Help Enterprises that will assess the present level of DAC engagement in IRWM and will also feed into the development of the DAC Engagement and Education Program, a task funded through this grant.

The survey may be completed at the following links. Mailed or emailed copies will also be accepted and may be sent to the following address: Self-Help Enterprises, Attn: Eva Dominguez, P.O. Box 6520, Visalia, CA 93290 or evad@selfhelpenterprises.orgResponses to the survey will be collected through January 31, 2019.

Online Survey Links English: 
Hard Copies English: IRWM Survey_English
Spanish: IRWM Encuesta_Spanish


Prop 1 DACI Grant Program Background

The Prop 1 IRWM Disadvantaged Community Involvement Grant Program allocated $3.4 million to the Tulare-Kern Funding Area for the purpose of ensuring involvement of disadvantaged communities (DACs), economically distresses areas (EDAs), or underrepresented communities (collectively referred to as DACs) in IRWM Planning efforts. IRWM planning is a statewide voluntary water planning effort that seeks to incentivize regional collaboration between local agencies in order to promote regional water management and the implementation of multi-benefit projects.

The Prop 1 Disadvantaged Community Involvement Grant Program for the Tulare-Kern Funding Region involves participation from 7 IRWM groups: Kaweah River Basin IRWM Group, Kern County IRWM Group, Kings Basin Water Authority, Poso Creek IRWM Group, Southern Sierra Regional Water Management Group, Tule River Basin IRWM Group, and Westside-San Joaquin IRWM Group; Counties, DAC representatives, and environmental justice groups. The County of Tulare is the lead applicant for this grant program on behalf of the Tulare-Kern Funding Area.

The formation of a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) will provide an advisory role to the development of Program activities and includes the following representatives:

  • One member representing each IRWM (7)
  • One DAC member selected by each IRWM (7)
  • One Tribe member (1)
  • Alternates for each PAC member (15)

PAC Meeting Agenda and Minutes

January 17, 2019 Agenda: English / Spanish Minutes
October 18, 2018 Agenda: English / Spanish Minutes
August 30, 2018 Agenda: English / Spanish Minutes
June 15, 2018 Agenda: English / Spanish Minutes
May 18, 2018 Agenda: English / Spanish Minutes
April 19, 2018 Agenda: English Minutes
Project Descriptions

PROJECT:  Prop 1 IRWM Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program for the Tulare-Kern Funding Region

The Prop 1 IRWM Disadvantaged Community Involvement Grant Program for the Tulare-Kern Funding Region will fund the following activities:

Needs Assessment of all communities within the Tulare Lake Basin area. Needs assessment will include an evaluation of the community characteristics, drinking water, wastewater, storm water and other water related needs.

Project Development to help communities develop shovel-ready projects that will be completive planning or construction funding, e.g. engineering, environmental documents, application preparation and more. $2 million of the $3.4 million grant funds is allocated to this task.

DAC Engagement and Education Program will consist of community meetings, training workshops and educational tours/field trips.

Project Administration and Reporting Tasks including project management, grant administration, and final report.