Kings Basin Water Authority Prop 84 Round 2 IRWM Implementation Grant

On March 28, 2013, the Kings Basin Water Authority (KBWA) submitted a grant application seeking Prop 84 IRWM Round 2 Implementation Grant Program funding to complete five (5) priority projects identified by the Kings Basin IRWMP. The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) awarded the region $8,734.000 in grant funding to offset a combined project cost of $11,256,716.89.  The grant agreement between KBWA and California Department of Water Resources was executed in July 2014.  Work under the agreement is expected to conclude on or before June 30, 2018.

Project Descriptions

PROJECT 1:  Fresno Irrigation District | Southwest Groundwater Banking Project

“Fresno Irrigation District (FID) and project partner James Irrigation District will construct a new 100 acre groundwater banking facility and increase conveyance capacity along the downstream portion of Lower Dry Creek Canal.  This project will help address groundwater overdraft in an area that is west of Rasin City and about six miles south of the City of Kerman by banking unused Kings River floodwater. This area does not have surface water supplies and relies exclusively on groundwater to meet agricultural demands.

Once complete, the project will recharge an estimated average of 7,500 acre feet per year (AFY) and provide approximately 270 AF of flood water surface storage in the Kings Basin.  Recharged groundwater will be pumped using James Irrigation District’s existing wells.”

PROJECT 2:  Laguna Irrigation District | Recharge Basin 11 (COMPLETED)

“The Laguna Irrigation District completed construction of a 52-acre groundwater recharge basin in south Fresno County in early April 2016. The groundwater banking facility will capture and recharge an estimated average of 2,650 acre-feet of Kings River floodwaters per year.  As part of the project, the conveyance capacity of Liberty Canal was improved to accommodate the amount of water to be delivered to the site. Canal improvements included construction of a turnout and check structure and flow meters.”

PROJECT 3:  Bakman Water Company | Water Supply Reliability and Conservation Project

“Bakman Water Company serves a primarily disadvantaged community; the Water Supply Reliability and Conservation Project will improve water quality and promote water conservation. The project will improve water quality through the installation of wellhead treatment for the pesticide DBCP and blending to address nitrate levels in Well 8. Water conservation will be promoted through installation of approximately 2,400 water meters and a fixed base Automatic Meter Read system to provide remote meter reading.”

PROJECT 4:  City of San Joaquin | Water Supply Reliability and Conservation Project (COMPLETED)

“City of San Joaquin’s Water Supply Reliability and Conservation Project will rehabilitate an existing well that serves a Disadvantaged Community (DAC) to provide improved water quality and adequate water pressure to meet fire flow requirements, and install approximately 640 water meters to promote groundwater conservation. The well that will be rehabilitated, Well #4, was removed from service under the direction of California Department of Public Health (CDPH) due to detection of total coliform, E. Coli, and pseudomonas bacteria. As a result, the City is only served by two wells which do not meet the peak demand.”

PROJECT 5:  City of Kerman | Residential Water Meter Project (COMPLETED)

“City of Kerman’s Residential Water Meter Project will install approximately 665 residential water meters, continuing the City’s overall water meter installation project allowing the majority of water services with the City’s service area to be metered and charged on a metered rate. The project seeks to promote an estimated 20% reduction in groundwater pumping from conservation resulting from the installation of water meters. A portion of the project serves census tract areas defined as DAC.”