Technical Assistance Available for Stormwater Projects Benefiting Small DACs

The State Water Board’s Office of Sustainable Water Solutions announced the availability of Proposition 1 (Prop 1) Technical Assistance (TA) to help small disadvantages communities (DACs) identify and develop high priority storm water management projects that will infiltrate, filter, store, evaporate, treat, or retain storm water or dry weather runoff.

The Prop 1 Technical Assistance Program funds storm water management experts from non-profits and public universities who will help small DACs develop eligible projects and pursue Prop 1 storm water implementation grant funding in 2018.

The types of eligible communities to be targeted are small DACs with a median household income (MHI) that is less than 80% of the statewide MHI and with populations less than 20,000 that are either traditional Phase II MS4 permittees or Phase II MS4 permit waiver recipients. TA is available to help with project development services including conceptual planning and preliminary design for multiple benefit storm water management projects that meet the funding requirements of the Prop 1 Storm Water Grant Program and directly benefit the small DAC.

The TA Request Form is a short one-page form, which can be subbmited via email to ( The TA Request Form can be accessed here.

Stormwater TA resources are limited; therefore, applicants are encouraged to submit outstanding stormwater TA needs by January 23, 2017 to ensure their request is considered.  If eligible requests cannot be fulfilled with the resources available, priority will be given first to traditional Phase II MS4 permittees, and then municipalities granted a waiver from the Phase II MS4 permit, followed by any additional eligible submissions. After January 23, 2017, State Water Board staff will review all requests to determine eligibility.


For any questions about the State Water Board’s TA programs, please contact:

Meghan Tosney
Senior Water Resource Control Engineer
Office of Sustainable Water Solutions
Division of Financial Assistance
State Water Resources Control Board
Phone: 916-341-5729