Central Valley Community Foundation River Restoration Grant

Funding for the River Restoration grant cycle is made possible by Ted Martin. Central Valley businessman Ted Martin often told stories of his childhood spent on the San Joaquin and Kings Rivers. Mr. Martin came to the Central Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) and established his donor-advised fund in 2011, and for two years, the CVCF assisted him in making nearly $500,000 in grants to help sustain the Kings and San Joaquin Rivers and other environmental efforts. Sadly, on March 5, 2013, Mr. Martin passed away. With Mr. Martin’s bequest gift, CVCF established the Ted Martin Legacy Fund which will be invested and used to support causes that align with Mr. Martin’s heartfelt wish—a healthy, sustainable environment where lasting childhood memories are created.

CVCF will host a competitive grantmaking program offering $115,000 in grants to accomplish the goals in and around the Kings and San Joaquin Rivers:

Program Goals

  1. The acquisition of land along the rivers for restoration and/or conservation.
  2. Restoration of habitats for native fish and/or reintroduction of native fish populations, particularly salmon.
  3. Increase in water flows to benefit consistent fish populations.
  4. Riparian restoration to improve habitat for native fish and to stabilize banks against erosion and incision (gouging).
  5. Community education, engagement, and outreach about the importance of the rivers as ecological and recreational assets and/or expanded resident access to the rivers.
Eligibility Criteria (all are required): This is the rubric by which CVCF will evaluate funding program. While each item is not weighted, the more items your proposal aligns with, the more competitive it will be.

  1. Requests ranges between $5,000 and $100,000.
  2. Requests will implement the program goals at the Kings and/or San Joaquin Rivers
  3. The Program demonstrates coordination and collaboration with partners such as local government offices/officials, community leaders, and/or other Community Benefit Organization (CBOs) in implementing the project.
  4. The organization demonstrates strong rationale for the proposed program and/or approach in the proposal.
  5. The program has a clear, conceptual understanding of the indicators needed to demonstrate impact.Programs that have a strong focus on measurable outcomes
  6. Programs that trigger matching dollars or additional resources to the region
Timeline for Applicants:

  1. OrgCard and Application Deadline: Friday, March  9, 2018
  2. Notify Applicants of Award Status: Friday, April 6, 2018
  3. Reception: TBD
Link to Funding Opportunity Announcement: CVCF River Restoration Grant