Joint Powers Agreement

The Authority is governed by a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) made effective on March 1, 2009. The JPA forms a legal Authority that satisfies the definition of a Regional Water Management Group according to the California Water Code.  Members must execute the JPA and pay an annual assessment.  Interested parties can participate free of cost.  The Authority is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of one representative from each Member agency.  An Advisory Committee and numerous Work Groups provide advice to the Board of Directors and assist with IRWMP plan development, technical studies, project evaluation, and administrative efforts.  The organizational structure provides balanced opportunities for stakeholder participation.

Some of the powers of the Authority, documented in Section 2.04 of the JPA, include:

  • Coordinate activities to modify and implement the IRWMP
  • Select projects for grant applications
  • Prepare and submit grant applications
  • Assist members in developing water projects
  • Manage grant funding
  • Create committees
  • Enter into contracts and agreements
  • Enter into litigation
  • Engage consultants and employees
  • Acquire and manage property
  • Acquire by eminent domain
  • Issue bonds and incur debt