Policy Documents

The Authority is governed by a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) made effective on March 1, 2009 and its activities are guided by the Kings Basin Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) that was most recently adopted on October 17, 2012. Some governance-related topics are not specifically discussed in either the JPA or IRWMP but over the years have been recognized through the adoption of individual policy documents.

Policy No. UKB-001 – Partial Grant Funding Split Policy

Policy No. UKB-002 – Water Authority Project Application Process

Policy No. UKB-003 – General Support and Endorsement Letter Policy

Policy No. UKB-004 – Reserve Fund Policy

Policy No. UKB-005 – Requirements for Applications to Join the UKBIRWMA

Policy No. UKB-006 – Expense Authorization Limit

Guidelines on use of the Kings Integrated Groundwater and Surface water Model (Kings IGSM) and its supporting data