Several work groups and ad hoc committees have been formed to address specific topics. More special groups/committees may be formed in the future to address new and evolving regional planning needs. With the exception of the Ad Hoc Budget Committee, existing groups were formed by, and report to, the Advisory Committee during regularly scheduled quarterly meetings.

The following is a list of current work groups and ad hoc committees.

Monitoring Work Group 

Address regional surface water and groundwater monitoring topics such as California State Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Program (CASGEM), Groundwater Management Plan (GWMP) updates, Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP), etc.

Projects Work Group

Maintain list of proposed projects, develop project ranking criteria, and rank and prioritize projects proposed for funding.

Model and Data Work Group

Coordinate development and use of models and other tools including data collection and review of results.

IRWMP Update Work Group

Provide input on updates and amendments to the IRWMP.

Disadvantaged Communities Work Group

Prepare grant applications for projects in DACs. Perform studies intended to help DACs with water resources problems.

Outreach Work Group

Perform public outreach efforts to engage the public in the Authority‘s efforts, recruit new members and interested parties, and increase awareness of local water management problems and the successes of the Authority. Develop public outreach media including flyers, websites, etc.

Ad Hoc Budget Committee

Discuss topics related to finances for the Authority including annual assessments, reserve accounts, project financing, operational costs, The Ad Hoc Budget Committee reports directly to the Board of Directors.