KBWA Seeks Candidates for Prop 1 DAC Involvement Program Project Advisory Committee

The Kings Basin Water Authority (KBWA) Board of Directors has opened the application process for the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) under the Prop 1 IRWM Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program for the Tulare-Kern Funding Region. The Tulare-Kern Funding Region was designated $3.4 million under the Prop 1 IRWM Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program for the purpose of ensuring involvement of disadvantaged communities (DACs), economically distressed areas (EDAs), or underrepresented communities (collectively referred to as DACs) in IRWM planning efforts. This Program is being administered by the County of Tulare and has involved participation from a wide variety of stakeholders including the seven Tulare-Kern IRWM groups: Kaweah River Basin IRWM Group, Kern County IRWM Group, Kings Basin Water Authority, Poso Creek IRWM Group, Southern Sierra Regional Water Management Group, Tule River Basin IRWM Group, and Westside-San Joaquin IRWM Group; Counties, DAC representatives, and environmental justice groups.

The purpose of the PAC is to provide an advisory role to the development of the Program activities such as making recommendations at key milestones including: DAC projects to be funded through the Project Development Task, prioritizing the Needs Assessment features, and development of the DAC Education and Outreach Task. The PAC will comprise of one (1) Member and their alternate from each IRWM area, one (1) DAC Representative and their alternate from each IRWM area, and one (1) Tribe Member.

Interested candidates are welcomed to submit an application for consideration. The KBWA Advisory Committee will consider appointments to the PAC at their regular meeting on September 20, 2017 and will make a recommendation to the KBWA Board of Directors. The KBWA Board of Directors will consider the Advisory Committee’s recommendation and approve the appointments at their regular meeting on October 18, 2017. The Tulare County Board of Supervisors will confirm all nominations received.

To serve on the PAC, the Project Advisory Committee Application must be completed and returned by September 8, 2017.

For More Information: Soua Lee, 559.237.5567, Extension 115, email: slee@krcd.org