Kings Basin Planning

Preconditions of effective Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) planning include the formation of a well represented and collaborative governance, and the meshing of numerous local, regional and state planning and regulatory documents.  In addition to calling upon existing documents, it is often times necessary to prepare new studies and reports to support the regional planning framework.

Over the course of many years, Kings Basin stakeholders have compiled relevant documents, and prepared many studies to guide integrated water resources planning in the region.  This section inventories many of these documents.

Kings Basin Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (Kings Basin IRWMP)

The Kings Basin IRWMP defines problems and issues; regional goals and objectives; water management strategies; and projects to enhance the beneficial uses of water for the Upper Kings Region.  The IRWMP is the primary regional planning document and guides nearly all activities of the Kings Basin Water Authority.

Reports and Papers

Technical memoranda, studies, white papers and other like documents that helped shape the Kings Basin IRWMP can be found under this section.

Land Use Planning

This section is offered as a resource to our regional land use planners in an effort to improve their understanding of potential water resource impacts from land use decision-making, and to encourage the adoption of basin-level water supply / water quality Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Map Gallery

A collection of maps, graphs and other infographics that are relevant in understanding water resources conditions and water management within the Kings Basin.


Governing Documents

The Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) and adopted policy documents can be found in subsections of the Governance menu.